Both women and men can avoid the side effects of at-home hair removal methods by scheduling a professional waxing or shaping service at 980 Salon Studios. We remove unwanted hair and unveil silky, smooth skin in a clean and safe environment. Isn’t it time to skip the inflammation, cuts, and razor burns caused by shaving and depilatory creams?

Facial Waxing 
Eyebrow Sculpture$15 and up
Lip Wax$15 and up
Hairline$10 and up
Full Facial Wax
(brows, lip, chin, hairline, and any other stuff that needs to go!)
$25 and up
Men's Waxing 
Chest Wax$35-55
Back wax$50 and up
Trimming of the pubic hair with clippers for a neater look.
$40 and up
Male Brazilian$65 and up
Total Body Wax
Head-to-Toe – Clean as a Whistle
$195 and up
Ears and Nose
Waxing out extraneous nose and ear hair
$12 and up